Serving in the Regional Members' Administration

Open Positions

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2018

Appointed officers, with membership in the Midwestern Region, must be financial and active at all levels.

Appointed graduate officers must have attended at least two Regional Conferences and one Boulé prior to their election and installation. They must be active with their chapter and possess leadership capabilities.

To be considered for a Midwestern Regional Appointment, applicants must submit the application located at the bottom of this page.
Information necessary to complete the application:

  1. Knowledge of your entire leadership history within the sorority.
  2. Three (3) professional references
  3. * A one page cover letter stating your goals for your term in the position
  4. * Your Zeta resume
  5. * Your Professional Resume
  6. * Copies of your certification(s)

An asterisk (*) indicates information that should be submitted via the file upload field.

Submit Your Application

To apply for any of these Regional positions, please complete the application below.  Any application submission not completed in full will be rejected.

Have you previously held this position?

If so fill in the most recent dates below:

Your Current Certifications

You will be asked to upload copies of your certificates.

Your Leadership Experience

Your Leadership Conference Experience

Your References

Please list three references (internal and external acceptable)


File Upload

  Attach the following items either individually or zipped into an archive file:
 + One page cover letter with your goals for the position;
 + Professional Resume;
 + Zeta Resume;
 + Copies of your certifications
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