Thank you to the Magnificent Midwestern Region


Greetings, Sorors, Amicae, and Zeta Youth of the Magnificent Midwestern Region!!!

tldr: download the full letter (pdf format)

Thank you to our 24th International President, Dr. Mary Breaux Wright, for providing me with the opportunity to lead this Magnificent Region.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as Regional Director, For the LOVE of ZETA!

Thank you to the Region’s Outstanding State Directors: Colorado-Wyoming: Gloria Magwood;

Iowa: Dr. Barbara Okeke and Janet Lockhart-Johnson; Kansas: Alex Lewis and Bethany Bledsoe;

Missouri: Porsche Elkins and Jeana Hines; Nebraska: Shukura Huggins and Kimberly Ward;

Oklahoma: Curtisia Battler, Keisha Driskell, and Artisha Woody.

Thank you to ALL the outstanding Midwestern Region’s Executive Board members!


The past 6 years we stopped counting our numbers and made our numbers count!

  • We are now 600 members strong!
  • We have increased the Region’s membership in the Amicae and Zeta Youth Auxiliaries!
  • We were the first Region to honor a Founder.  Not just any founder, but President Emeritus Founder Arizona Cleaver Stemons!
  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. received the key to the City of Hannibal, MO.
  • We also placed a marker, story board, park shelter, and renamed a city park in her honoring in Hannibal, MO.
  • We chartered the first Legacy Club in the Midwestern Region.
  • During this past 6 years, we broke the region’s registration numbers for Regional conferences, Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) conference, National Executive Board (NEB) meeting, and Boule’!!
  • We held a Magnificent Joint Regional Leadership conference with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Southwest Region!  G.O.M.A.B!
  • We held our first annual Midwestern Region’s Zeta Youth Auxiliary Retreat.
  • We have Blazed New Paths!!

As we wish congratulations and good luck to the next administration, I believe we must give a prayer of thanksgiving for all our success.

God in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.

Thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon us, spiritual and temporal: our faith and religious heritage, our food and shelter, our health, the loveso we have for one another and our family and friends.

Dear God, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessings

throughout the coming years.

This we ask in the Name of Jesus, Your Son and our Brother. Amen.


Soror Samantha Hughes,

20th Midwestern Regional Director

Midwestern Regional Executive Board Chair

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